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There is only one thing that marvel done I will never forgive them for and that IS KILLING FRIGGA AND KEEPING LOKI LOCKED UP

Actually the whole bucky barnes thing is kinda unforgivable too

And that one time they decided to break my heart by implying banner attempted suicide, also unforgivable.

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The last time you saw her, you almost gave her a nervous breakdown.

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what if in poa when snape finds harry out after curfew remus is actually hiding behind the corner the whole time and when harry is like “my dad didn’t strut” remus has to hold back a snort because yes james bloody well did

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make me choose:

anonymous asked: donna noble or martha jones?

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Intergalacticju requested Hawkeye and Pizza Dog, so here’s some “I slept on your head because I love you” dog snuggles. 

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Title: Wake Me Up (Acoustic)
Artist: Aloe Blacc
Played: 4499 times

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So you’re going to ask out a freshman?

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New stills from Guardians of the Galaxy (x)

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X-Men Days of Future Past (2014)

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